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Counseling with Linda Stiles

Self Esteem

Self-Love February brings Valentine’s Day – a good time to focus on self-love. • Self-LoveSelf-love can be a feeling – of tenderness, compassion, appreciation and care; but it is also an action thing- as in...

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Kindness Matters!

World Kindness Week is November 7-13 For November I want to highlight the importance of kindness. There are few things that our world needs more of these days. I received a random act of kindness...

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Fall – Letting Go

Fall – Embracing Transition and Letting Go One of my favorite quotes is the one above; a reminder that fall shows us how beautiful ‘letting go’ can be. Think of the falling leaves, the harvest,...

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Summer Self-Care

Summer Self-Care and Coping Tips for Stressful Times Self-care is essential all the time, but especially when times are stressful. Summer can be a great time to slow down (even a bit) and enjoy the...

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