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Career Counseling Services 

Do you have stress associated with your work situation? Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, frustrated or stuck?

You are not alone! Career issues are a leading cause of stress which can impact our health, relationships and all aspects of our life.

Career Counseling can provide the support and assistance you need to:
  • Clarify your needs and goals and identify career options
  • Learn strategies for coping with your career circumstances and the stress they evoke
  • Develop a career action plan
  • Successfully navigate the change process, overcome career obstacles and setbacks
Career counseling can focus on multiple areas including:
  • Challenges with your current career situation, such as difficult co-workers, supervisors and office “politics”
  • Strategies to improve skills, increase performance and boost confidence
  • Finding your “passion” and using your strengths
  • Identifying a new career direction
  • Setting and attaining new career goals
  • Understanding how personality, style, values, strengths and interests relate to your career
  • Coping with job loss or other career setback
  • Improving work-family-life balance
  • Managing the impact of career transitions on your identity, self-esteem and relationships

Career Testing and Resume Assistance are also available.


Whether you are struggling with career-related issues, or considering options for your future, help and support are available!