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Counseling Services for Couples

Couples counseling can transform your relationship by helping you:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Build connection and intimacy in your relationship
  • Learn new, more effective ways to resolve conflict
  • Understand problems and reactivity from a new perspective
  • Change negative or stuck relationship patterns
  • Heal from an affair, infidelity or broken trust
  • Create a shared vision for your life together
  • Understand relationship stages and patterns
  • Overcome challenges related to:
    • Parenting and step-parenting
    • Remarriage and blended families
    • In-laws and extended family
    • Sexuality and Intimacy
    • Financial differences
    • Career and work-family balance
    • Past relationship experiences that impact trust and connection
    • Any issue or area of conflict that gets in the way or keeps you stuck

Pre-marital Counseling can help you build a secure foundation that will enable you to successfully navigate the inevitable challenges that arise in every marriage.

I utilize a variety of methods based on the needs and goals of each couple, drawing primarily from the following methods:


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