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Financial Therapy

Helping you take control of your money, your life and your future.

Do you have stress in your life that is related to money or financial issues?

Financial therapy focuses on your relationship with money and the way this impacts your behaviors, relationships and self-image.

Our relationship with money is, in fact, tied to almost everything we do.

Following are some examples of issues that may involve our relationship with money:

  • Feeling anxiety about paying bills or looking at your financial situation
  • Compulsive spending or “over-shopping”
  • Shoplifting, theft or misuse of funds
  • Stress, guilt and shame related to debts and spending habits
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship conflict about spending and use of financial resources
  • Guilt about having money – or about not having enough
  • Difficulty adjusting to career or lifestyle changes
  • Need or desire to downsize vs. feeling pressured to “keep up with the Jones”
  • Exploring the spiritual aspects of money, spending and saving
  • Differences between men and women related to money
  • Understanding habits related to money and spending
  • Learning to make long-term behavioral changes in support of your goals

As a Certified Financial Social Worker (CFSW), I provide a supportive, non-judgemental and confidential counseling environment to work through these issues, along with the awareness, support, knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals – and take control of your money, your life and your future.

Note that Financial Therapy is not the same as Financial Planning. While there is an educational component, the focus is more on the “why” than the “how”. Needs for specific investment advice and a comprehensive financial plan are referred to a financial planner. However, Financial Therapy can greatly increase your ability to understand and communicate your needs in order to obtain a financial plan that fits your needs, effectively implement your plan, and achieve your goals.