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How do you feel about the change of seasons?

by | Oct 11, 2019

Hello Fall! How do you feel about the change of seasons?

As I was taking my walk the other day, I noticed the leafs turning colors and drifting to the ground. It’s hard to believe that summer is over and we have entered a new season. Although many trees are still green and leafy, the changes are happening. I always seem to resist this change at first – I enjoy summer and while autumn is my second favorite season, I know that winter will not be far behind.
Yet somehow once it’s time for a new season, I usually end up embracing it.

Focusing on the gifts of the season can help us in numerous ways. The following are some of my favorites.

  • Letting go can be beautiful
    The falling leaves give us a perfect picture of this.
  • Life has seasons
    The seasons in nature remind us that there is a natural flow to life: letting go, rest and renewal, new growth and blossoming.
  • Being in the present brings joy
    If I don’t focus on the past (losing summer) or the future (the coming winter), I am free to experience and enjoy the beauty of the present season.
  • Change is a natural and unavoidable process
    What is the point of resisting change? Change is inevitable, natural and ongoing.  We might have adopted a belief that it is bad – but is that really true?  What if we changed our thoughts and perspective? Consider a positive thought like- I embrace change and go with the flow. Of course, our resistance is normal. Our brain doesn’t like the unknown and remembers negative experiences that might be associated with change. Yet, we can learn to both accept our resistance and to reframe our thinking.

Change is not easy and we need support. If you are lacking the support you need, I encourage you to reach out to others. Friends and family can be good supports, but if you need something more, consider signing up for a Growth & Support Group. These are small groups (4-6 people) that typically meet twice a month for 60 to 75 minutes. Contact me for more information or to get on the list for the next group.

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